Live Jazz From Barcelona

From Gemma Abrié’s love for music and word are born the main projects she has in hand today, which drink from the legacy of the most eternal jazz and the musical heterogeneity of the present: her first solo album and composer, with the participation of Brazilian guitarist Munir Hossn, and an upcoming album as an singer-songwriter on the way; the duet with Josep Traver in which she explores the small format with guitar and the expressive possibilities of double bass and voice; the duet with pianist Manel Camp reversing jazz pieces from the baroque repertoire; as well as her collaborations with poetry and music projects, such as the Bestiari with The New Catalan Ensemble or Els Fruits Saborosos with the Vicens Martín Dream Big Band, where she celebrates the poetry of catalan poet Josep Carner as a soloist, vocalist and double bass player; or El Viatge de les Mans with Toni Xuclà and Clàudia Cabero, as sidewoman.


Two musicians with a soul, who share music and enjoy it together. Songs performed with exquisiteness and personality: jazz, boleros, song, pop or bossa nova, direct to the viewer in a performance where the two artists transmit luminosity and joy.


By publishing 'Els Fruits Saborosos' in 1906, 22-year-old poet Josep Carner went through the front door of the history of Catalan literature as a key figure of Noucentisme. Later he was known as the 'prince of poets'". Vicens Martín, a cultivated guitarist, known for his orchestral work at Taller de Músics and his projects Auserón Santiago, Mala Rodriguez, Cris Juanico or Achilifunk, has set to music 11 poems of Carner’s artistic work for an orchestra of 14 performers and Abrié’s voice. 'Els Fruits Saborosos' by Vicens Martín is an alliance of the lushest jazz and the famous verses of one of our greatest poets that earned Abrié the praise from critics for knowing how to convey the emotions the author wanted to reflect on words. This work has won the 2014 Enderrock Award in the category of 'Best jazz new proposal' and 'Best live jazz.' The album with poems is on sale for €16.51 here.


It’s about a jazz journey into Mediterranean and Atlantic music culture –from Brazil to Catalonia, from France to the United States– where Gemma Abrié puts her voice at the service of the versatile Brazilian guitarist Munir Hossn, who has been travel companion of the Afro-Cuban pianist Roberto Fonseca, Lusophone singer Mayra Andrade and American vocalist Gretchen Parlato, among others. This project drinks from travels, meetings and the new knowledge of various musical traditions the singer has acquired during her career. Being rich in dynamics, warm and acoustic, 'Amalgama' is a collection of original compositions by Abrié, Hossn songs and covers of recognized and varied artists like Joan Manuel Serrat and Javier Ruibal, with songs in Catalan and Spanish in a repertoire that overlaps textures and colors of places and cultures that branded her life forever. You can download the album in Mp3 for €9.99 here.


'Wondering…' stems from the admiration that Gemma Abrié has always felt for the music of the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Stevie Wonder, who is one of the most influential figures in the history of popular music.
After studying his work in depth, the singer has taken his themes to a very different field, with jazz and improvisation as means of transport. The result is a combination of the ancient power of black music with the lyrical beauty of jazz and sophisticated pop. The public will enjoy these unforgettable melodies, wrapped in the colorful world of typical jazz harmonies, yet designed for dancing. This project, which earned Abrié a Cum Laude in her final degree project, is recorded in an EP and can be downloaded for €5.16 here


If you like live Jazz in any of these musical proposals and want to hire a performance for a festival or any other event, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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